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Dr. Hossam Hamdy
Professor, expert of quality assurance in higher education, advisor to CEO of NCAAA, KSA

My overall experience with Decorista is more than excellent, for many reasons including -but not limited- to the following:
Distinguished and unique designs, in full compliance with our needs and focus on functionalities,
Accurate finishing, maintenance and follow up
Multiple options for items and categories to select the most appropriate according to budget and preferences
Ful range of services starting with establishment of electricity, water pipes, communication cables to full furnishings including accessories, toiletries and kitchen utensils, and bedding…etc
Classy and professional attitudes of all team members
For all the above I strongly recommend Decorista as the prime decor agency in Egypt

Sara Magdy
Business owner Up town Cairo

Through my life I have always dreamed with a simple comfortable house which fulfill my requests and needs
But I couldn’t really make a good choice through all the details by myself .. I need help.. I need someone to trust.. someone Reliably … I need someone with a great experience ,cooperative ,honest and quick
That’s why I’ve chosen Dicorista by Amira Khadier
It’s actually a whole new amazing experience which changed my own prospective to the decoration field in Egypt
I couldn’t believe how fast and professional she is until I saw the way she leads her team…
Decorista is always gonna be my number one recommendation to any person wish to go through a whole unique wonderful experiences

Decorista….. you guys are the best 👍🏼😍

Essam El-Hofy
Legal Counsel

Decorista team and especially Eng. Amira were efficient and professional.
The accountability they have demonstrated on the work done and the way they have conducted the business as a whole was astonishing.
Decorista do a really fabulous job. I’m glad I decided to work with them.